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Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When You Pet Them?

Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When You Pet Them

If you have a cat or if you’ve been around a cat long enough to be petted by one, you’ve likely noticed that most cats have an almost instinctual reaction to being pet. That is, when you pet them on the stomach, most of them will naturally lift their paws in the air and make a noise like they totally love it!

And when it comes to butt? They love lifting! However, did you know that there’s more to this behavior than meets the eye?

We are here to with some possible reasons behind their raised butt. They might be saying, “I’m going to get a little bit more comfortable for you, and I’m expecting you to rub my butt.” But, overall, it is a sign of their happiness. Cats are built to be very flexible and agile, so they can twist and turn their bodies in all kinds of ways when they are happy. Raising their butts is just another one of those ways.

However, it’s not the only body part that cats can move in unexpected ways. Cats also have the ability to make themselves smaller by curling up into a ball or stretching out like a rubber band.

Take a look at some common reasons why cats raise their butts when you pet them:

1. They are liking the petting

Your cat’s butt is up, and they’re arching their back. And they want you to keep going! If your cat raises their butt or arches their back when you stroke them, they’re not only giving you a massive compliment—they’re also asking for more attention! It means that they’re enjoying your attention and affection, so go ahead and give them another scratch for good measure.

2. They are trying to get attention

One reason could be that your cat wants attention. The best way to get attention from your cat is to stroke them in this area. This may seem obvious, but it can be hard to stop once you start! Another reason could be that they want food or treats. This can also be frustrating because, once again, it can be hard to stop once you start!

3. The season is here

It’s no secret that female cats in heat can be… a little intense. They’re more vocal; they might writhe around and rub against you—it’s not unusual for cat owners to think their cat is hurting. But the truth is that female cats are just being their normal selves, and it’s all part of the process of mating with a male cat.

So what exactly does this behavior look like?

Well, when your cat starts to show signs of being in season, she’ll be extra affectionate towards you and any other people or pets in the household. She’ll also get more vocal than usual. If you notice her rubbing her bottom against furniture or walls, this could be because she’s trying to get the scent of a male cat on her, so he’ll come over and mate with her!

4. The instinct kicked in

Cats are very fastidious creatures—and they know it. They’re always cleaning themselves, and they’re not shy about asking for help when they need it. While cats were kittens, their mothers used to do their grooming. During the bonding moment, kittens push their butts towards their mom.

If you’ve ever tried to groom a cat, you know how hard it can be to reach those hard-to-reach places on your feline friend. They can raise their butts when you pet them as they want you to reach all the places.

5. Fleas are disturbing them

It’s not the most pleasant thing to think about, but fleas can really make your cat itchy—especially around their back end. If your cat seems particularly scratched their butt, or if they start doing little scratching movements with their hind legs, they might have fleas!

If you suspect fleas, get them to the vet as soon as possible.

6. The little greeting mode is on

Cats are a mysterious species, and their behavior can be pretty confusing. Have you ever wondered why your cat gives you a sniff when you’re greeting them? No? Well, we thought it was important to share with our readers! As it turns out, cats often sniff other cats’ butts as a form of greeting. You might not accept this behavior, but it is normal for the feline group. Along with raising their butts, they can stick their butts in your face when they’re greeting!

7. Scent marking

Do you know that smell cats have? It’s their pheromones, which are secreted by scent glands all over their body. The highest numbers of scent glands tend to be around their face, paws, and tail base. And the hormones they have are crucial for cat communication.

When they raise their butts while you pet them, they are marking you with their scent to let other cats know. Also, cats like to reassure themselves with their familiar scent.

There are lots of reasons why cats might raise their backsides when they’re being petted or cuddled by people. They could be trying to get attention or affection from you, or maybe they’re just feeling playful, or even they might have some health issues.

If your cat raises its backside while you’re petting it, that means it trusts you enough to let down its guard and relax while you touch him or her with your hands or fingers. This is a good thing for both of you: Your cat feels safe with you and knows that he or she won’t be hurt if he shows his vulnerable side, and you feel closer to him as well because he trusts you.

Do you need to worry about the butt raising?

Most of the time, it’s normal cat behavior to lift their bum and tail when you touch them. It usually suggests that they’re enjoying the moment and want you should continue giving them a good scratch.

But if your furry friend suddenly starts doing it regularly and you have never noticed it before, it’s best not to treat it as a sign of love or excitement. They might have itchiness or irritated skin that they are trying to tell you. Look for parasites or pain in their body. It is always better to be a little cautious.

As cats can’t speak like humans, their behavior tells a lot about their conditions of body and mind. Some cats like being petted, and they can’t get enough of it! But unusual bum lifting can indicate disease, and if you notice it, speak to the vet immediately.

Wrapping up

Cats are spectacularly difficult to read, but there are a few key signals that can tell you how your cat is feeling. One of the most obvious is their butt, along with the tail. A cat’s butt lifting often tells you what they think and feel.

Thankfully, in most scenarios, it’s normal for cats to raise their butt and back end when they’re being stroked. This is a sign that they feel comfortable with you and aren’t afraid of being touched.

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