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Cat Carrol

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Privacy Policy

We care about you and the privacy of your (our user’s) personal data and information. For us, it is crucial and necessary to provide a service to our users as secure and confidential as possible, protecting the privacy of communications and their personal data. This privacy policy establishes the ways to collect, process and use personal data, along with the security safeguards adopted in this treatment for all the services that we provide.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, as accessing our websites and making your personal data available implies knowledge and acceptance of the conditions covered. That is, when making your personal data available, you are authorizing the collection, use, and disclosure of the same, in accordance with the rules defined in this policy.

Data collection

Cat Carrol collects, from its subscribers and visitors, some personal data such as: e-mail address, IP address and, when the purpose so justifies, we also collect name, postal code, gender, telephone number as well as demographic data about styles of life.

This collection is made through online forms, questionnaires, promotions of products and services, hobbies, either through the cat carrol website or through commercially available databases.

The collection of your data is always done with anterior consent clearly indicating the purpose for which they are intended.

The data accumulated are relevant, adequate, and not excessive in relation to the scope, purpose, and services specified, explicit, and legitimate by Cat Carrol.

How we treat your personal information

Our priority is to ensure the security of all personal information you provide to us. To this end, we have built mechanisms for all employees to recognize the importance of protecting your personal information.

In order to assure that your information is always correct and up-to-date and to protect you from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, leakage, falsification, etc. of your personal information, cat carrol takes strict measures such as training employees, maintaining security rules and personal information management. Thus, we guarantee that your information is always kept safe.

When we share your information with a third party

Cat Carrol will only share your information with third parties when any of the following conditions are met.

  • We have the user’s permission.
  • In the case of presentation or disclosure of statistical information in which the users’ private identity cannot be determined.
  • When we’re complying with the law.
  • When necessary to guarantee physical or financial security, but the user cannot be contacted.
  • When necessary for the maintenance of public health or to ensure the education of minors, the user cannot be contacted.
  • When requested by government agents, civil servants or their representatives, information for carrying out legal matters, and non-compliance, with or without the user’s permission, can be considered an obstruction of the law.

Disclosure, revisions, exclusions or suspension of use

If the user requests clarification about the disclosure, review, addition or deletion of any personal information about him/her, or requests that his/her personal information no longer to be used, we will respond to the request as soon and as perfectly as possible.


If the user decides to hide their personal information, it may affect our ability to provide our services quickly and efficiently, so we ask for your understanding.

About cookies and web beacons

To better provide our services to the user, we use cookies and web beacons. The user can enter browser settings and block or limit cookies, but this may limit access to some of our services. The user may not be able to restrict the use of web beacons. Cat Carrol does not use these technologies to acquire our users’ personal information.

A cookie allows a website to depot a user’s browsing information on the user’s own computer. This helps determine how a user uses a particular website and allows the website to display content that is most appropriate for the user. We use cookies only to display relevant ads – in other words, to conduct traffic analysis for advertising purposes – and we do not collect personal data for any other purpose. If you want to disable cookies, click the link below to find out more about the cookies we use and find instructions on how to disable them.

Changes to the privacy policy reserves the right, at any time, to update or revise the privacy policy indicated here to adjust to possible legislative alterations and other restrictions.

The current privacy policy (with any alteration that might be made) can be consulted at any time in this same space.

Acceptance of privacy policy

It is understood that the user accepts the terms of this privacy policy when using and providing his/her data to this website.