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Top 10 Largest Domestic Cat Breeds in the World

10 Largest Domestic Cat Breeds

If you have pet cats then you must have heard that cats are similar to tigers, in fact, we say they are relatives. But the real thing is, all the domestic cats we have today are historically descended from African wildcats. Over the periods of time, cats have spread all over the globe and established themselves as a whole different category. As a result, you will see various kinds of cat breeds with different looks and habits. You might have seen big domestic cats and thought how are they so big?

Yes, there are also some breeds that are so big that you might mistake them as tigers sometimes. If you are interested to know what some of the largest domestic cat breeds are, here is a list for you.

Savannah cat

An adorable Savannah cat with long tail

Savannah is considered as the largest domestic cat breed in the world. Some might argue about how domestic a savannah cat is? But, in reality, savannah is a very recent breed of cat that comes from the crossing of domestic cats commonly known as the Siamese and the Servals, the African wild cats. This cat breed is not yet recognized by the GDDF (The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy).

Sometimes, a Savannah looks like the cross between a leopard and a tiger. They are considered the most photogenic cats. Savannah is uncommon in the UK but in the USA, this breed is highly appreciated. If you are interested to buy a Savannah, you will have to consider their unique needs because of their wide-roaming and hunting nature.  The size of Savannah cats depends on their ancestry.

But as far as it shows that this breed can grow up to 30lb which is the size of a small dog.

Maine Coon

A Maine Coon cat lying on bed

The Maine Coon is another largest domestic cats after Savannah. Maine coons don’t have ancestral history of wild cats like Savannah instead they are personable and friendly.

They can weigh from 10-15lb for females and 15-20lb for males.

The main attraction is its tail. They have got very long and fluffy tails. But sometimes, Maine Coons can throw their moods when you need to become a little more understanding. After all, cats think you are their pet! Maine Coons are called “the dogs of the cat world.” They are extremely intelligent and very interactive.


A chausie abyssinian cat on black background

The Chausie is another big and rare type of cat in the UK. France is the main hub of the Chausies. If someone brings these cats from there and breed them locally, it still costs a fortune as they are in great demand. These cats are the descendants of jungle cats so Chausies look like jungle cats a lot. Chausies are the fourth generation of jungle cats and have entirely become the domestic pet.

Male Chausies can weigh up to 22lb while the females can weigh from 8 to 15lb.


A big Ragdoll blue eyes cat on pink background

They really are like dolls. Ragdolls are large, longhaired cats with kind and sweet nature. Ragdoll cats are very affectionate towards people so they make great companions for people who especially live alone, have kids and have an immense passion for cats.

Ragdolls are cuddly and playful in nature. They like to stay quiet so you can rest without thinking too much of them. Ragdolls have beautiful, attractive eyes.

Female ragdolls can generally weigh from 10-15lb, while males reach 15-20lb as standard.


A big Ragdoll blue eyes cat on pink background

Ragamuffin is related to Ragdoll as they share many of the traits. Ragamuffins are very playful and sensitive like humans. If you get one, he/she will love every member of your house. They have a strong built with dense muscle structure. Their body takes four to five years to fully develop.

No matter if they are fully developed or not, Ragamuffins love humans. Your cat will be happier when you are around. Sometimes, a Ragamuffin can take almost three years to reach its adult weight.

Females can weigh around 10 to 15lb and the males can weigh around 15 to 20lb.

You must have full preparation for cleaning before you get a Ragamuffin. They have long hairs and shed too much.

Norwegian Forest Cat

A Norwegian Forest cat is standing on the ice with alert looking

You can guess from the name that this at hails from Norway. Longhaired Norwegian forest cats are well known to cold, harsh climate. So, they have the ability to survive in most of the situations.

At a first glance, Norwegians are mistaken as Maine Coons as they look almost similar. Norwegian forest cats are popular in Norway as well as all the Scandinavian countries. If you want to have one of them, rest assured that they are very friendly and affectionate. This breed is physically strong and healthy. They are also very loyal and playful.

Female Norwegian cats can weigh up to 15lb and males can weigh about 16 to 22lb.


A Siberian cat sitting on the fence

The Siberian cats came from Russia. One of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world. They are considered to chunkily build and sturdy cats. Siberians are good to kids and other pets. They are playful and kind in nature. They love to play outdoors like dogs.

Siberians have long and fluffy hairs which make them look so beautiful. Siberians are good for people who are allergic to cats as they produce less Fel D1 protein.

On an average, a female Siberian cat can weigh about 8 to 12lb and a male can weigh up to 19lb.

The American Bobtail

The american bobtail cat sitting on the table looking forward

If you like cats that act like dogs, American Bobtail is the one you are looking for. There are several types of Bobtail cats such as Japanese, American, and Kurilian but American Bobtail is the largest one among them. Though these three types of Bobtails are not related apart from their names.

Bobtail cat’s short tail is the result of a genetic mutation. Some even are born without tails and they are called “Rumpies”. You will find Manx cats also with a short or no tail at all. But Manx and bobs are not related. American Bobtails love to play games and they are very adaptable. You can play with them all day long.

On an average, American female Bobtails weigh from 7 to 11lb while male cats can weigh from 12 to 16lb.

British Shorthair

A british shorthair cat standing on the floor

One of the calmest and easy goings cats is British Shorthair. If you like to have big cats around but don’t want them to be much wild, British Shorthair is the perfect choice for you. If you don’t stay home all day for your work, this type of cat is also suitable for you as they don’t need much attention. One of the things you should know that most of the British Shorthairs like cuddling and petting but they don’t like to be picked up.

On average, this type of cat weighs 13 to 18 pounds.

Turkish Van

A white turkish van cat with thick and long tail

Turkish angora or van are very kind and fond of humans so they bond well easily. They have a very strong personality along with a playful nature.

Turkish vans can weigh on average from 9 to 13 pounds for both males and females.

If you consider the health issues of this type of cat, they have a gene abnormality which leads them to deafness sometimes. They also have the risk of having hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

The point is, who doesn’t get sick? If you take enough and proper care of your cats, they stay healthy and well like you do.

How will you know when your cat is fully-grown?

To know if your cat is fully grown, you will have to wait for his/her first birthday. Cats reach their full size within 9 to 12 months.

And if you are thinking that do bigger cats have bigger paws then the answer is, not always. The size of a kitten’s paws doesn’t indicate how big they will grow later in life. Long-haired cats show that they have bigger paws because of all the furs on them.

And when it comes to hybrid cats, they are bigger than others because they have the genes of non-domestic cats. Savannahs and Chausies are such hybrid cats in our list and you can see how they are different from other cats. Hybrids are typically more energetic and playful in nature.

There are a lot of domestic cats around but only a few of them are larger in size. As a domestic pet, cats are generally smaller in size. The breeds mentioned above are bigger than average cats. Some domestic mixed breed cats can also weigh as much as these cats. Cats that are mixed with African cats or forest cats have usually strong physic.

Before getting one of these largest domestic cats, learn how to take care of them. Cats are playful and friendly as long as you know how to handle them.

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