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100+ Names for Bengal Cats (Names for Both Male and Female)

Bengal cat names for both male and female

Choosing the perfect name for your Bengal cat can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be a bit challenging. Bengals are known for their striking coats and adventurous personalities, so you’ll want a name that captures their unique essence.

Maybe you’re looking for something exotic to match their wild appearance or perhaps a name that’s as playful and energetic as they are. Whatever your preference, the name you choose will be a lasting decision and a big part of your new pet’s identity.

Remember, your cat’s name should be something that you’ll feel comfortable calling out, whether you’re playing at home or visiting the vet. Take your time, and pick a name that’s as special as your new feline friend.

Female Bengal cat names

JasmineNamed after the tropical plant renowned for its aromatic flowers, this name embodies exotic beauty.
AlexaClosely related to the name Alex, Alexa has its roots in defending men, reflecting a strong and protective nature.
AnnikaWith Swedish origins, this name also refers to a potent goddess in Hindu mythology, indicating strength and power.
AylaDerived from Hebrew, the name Ayla signifies an oak tree.
AbbyShort for Abigail.
AdaMeans nobility
AlaskaA state Name.
AmaryllisA beautiful red flower.
AmphitriteGoddess of the sea.
AnastasiaMeans resurrection
AuroraMeans dawn
AutumnA Season
AureliaMeaning Golden
BethAn English name often used for female Bengals, Beth stands for a House of god, symbolizing sanctuary and peace.
BellaA classic name that translates to beautiful, fitting for a striking Bengal cat.
BelleThis is a variant of Bella, retaining the exact meaning of beauty.
BastetNamed after an Egyptian deity.
BaileyThis name has roots in roles like steward or bailiff.
BellatrixA name signifying warrior, great for a feline with a bold and fearless disposition.
CalliopeNamed after the Greek muse known for her mastery over eloquence and epic poetry.
CalypsoA Greek nymph famous for ensnaring Odysseus, this name implies allure and enchantment.
CatherineA classic name signifies purity or clarity, ideal for a Bengal cat with a transparent disposition.
CatrionaThe Gaelic rendition of Catherine carries the same connotation of purity.
CelesteThis name translates to heavenly or celestial, capturing the ethereal beauty of many cats.
CirceNamed after a sorceress in Greek mythology, this name is suitable for a cat with a mysterious or enchanting aura.
ClementineNot just a citrus fruit, this name also implies a gentle and merciful nature.
CleoA shortened form of Cleopatra, it encapsulates the ideas of pride, fame, or glory.
CocoParticularly apt for a brown Bengal, this name is also the first name of the renowned French designer Coco Chanel.
DahliaNamed after a stunning flower, this moniker is a match for a beautiful Bengal cat.
DaisyA yellow and white flower, also a great name for a snow Bengal.
DelilahA name denoting delicacy, ideal for a graceful Bengal cat.
DianaThe Roman counterpart of Artemis, the Greek moon goddess, is suitable for a cat that enjoys the night.
DomenicaA name meaning Belonging to god, indicating a sacred or cherished pet.
DuchessFemale title equivalent to a duke, apt for a regal feline.
EvangelineThis name means good news, perfect for a cat that brings joy.
EmmaTranslates to whole or universal, symbolizing completeness or versatility.
EmmelineA name that signifies work, great for a diligent cat.
EmpressThe female version of an emperor, denoting authority and grandeur.
FionaSignifying white or fair, this name is particularly suitable for a snow Bengal.
FleurThe French term for flower captures the essence of beauty and grace.
FreyaNamed after the Norse deity of love, beauty, and other qualities, it is well-suited for a multi-faceted feline.
GaiaRepresenting earth, this name pays homage to the mother of all life, according to mythology.
GingerMeaning pure and chaste, this name also refers to red hair, perfect for a Bengal with a reddish coat.
GuinevereSignifies fair and white, and famously, the spouse of King Arthur, suitable for a majestic cat.
HarperA name that signifies someone who plays the harp, perfect for a musically-inclined feline.
HermioneThe feminine form of Hermes, the Greek god of messengers, is ideal for a communicative or expressive cat.
HollyNamed after the plant with red berries, it is often linked with Christmas celebrations and is suitable for a festive feline.
HeidiDerived from the concept of nobility, this name is apt for a cat with a majestic presence.
HoneyRepresents nectar or the sweet produce of bees, a name fitting for a sweet-natured cat.
IsadoraMeaning daughter of Isis, the Egyptian deity of multiple powers, including love and healing.
IrisNot only a flower but also symbolizes a rainbow and acts as a messenger in Greek mythology.
IvySimply named after the ivy plant, it’s a match for a cat with clinging or loving tendencies.
JulietA lead character from Shakespeare’s tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet, suitable for a romantic feline.
JasmineNamed after the aromatic flower, this name evokes notions of beauty and fragrance.
JinxSignifying a magic charm, it’s perfect for a cat with a mystical or enchanting quality.
JosieA shortened form of Josephine, great for a more informal and playful name.
JunoA Roman counterpart to Hera, the Greek goddess.
KhaleesiInspired by Game of Thrones, this Dothraki term for queen is ideal for a Bengal cat.
LilithKnown as Adam’s first wife, the name can be shortened to Lily for a more playful moniker.
LolaA name rooted in the concept of sorrows, perhaps suitable for a cat with a more solemn demeanor.
LeiaBorrowed from Star Wars, the name pays homage to the fierce General Leia Organa.
LunaDirectly translating to moon, this name is a fit for a cat with nocturnal tendencies or a celestial charm.
LucindaMeaning light, it can be abbreviated to either Lucy or Cindy, adapting to your feline’s personality.
MaisieAnother nickname for Margaret, similarly meaning pearl, great for a treasured pet.
MaggieA shortened version of Margaret, which symbolizes a pearl, often indicative of something rare and valued.
MadonnaTranslates to my lady, embodying a sense of grace and elegance.
MarigoldNamed after the vibrant yellow flower, suitable for a lively and cheerful cat.
MatildaA name representing might and battle prowess, perfect for a strong, resilient feline.
MayaHolds dual meanings of illusion and love, capturing the complex nature of a Bengal cat.
MistySignifies something smoky or blurry, a fit for a silver Bengal with a mysterious aura.
MollyMeans star of the sea, great for a feline who loves water or simply stands out.
NalaThe name of Simba’s love interest in Disney’s The Lion King perfect for a playful and loving cat.
NeithThe Egyptian deity of war and weaving a strong and creative name for a cat.
NarcissaNamed after the daffodil flower, encapsulates grace and beauty.
NikeNamed after the Greek goddess of victory, it is perfect for a winning and vivacious feline.
NemesisGreek goddess is known for vengeance, suitable for a cat with a feisty attitude.
NiagaraAfter the famous North American falls, perhaps apt for a cat with a flowing, forceful nature.
NovaMeaning new, this name can signify a fresh start or a kitten’s youth.
OctaviaFeminine form of Octavius, meaning eighth, possibly indicating a cat born in August or part of a larger litter.
OliveRepresents the olive tree, embodying peace or a love for nature.
OlympiaGreek for mountain of the gods, conveying majesty and grandeur.
OpheliaMeaning helper, also famous as Hamlet’s love interest in Shakespeare, ideal for a helpful or dramatic feline.
PandoraSymbolizes all-gifted and is famous for Pandora’s box in mythology.
PenelopeMeans weaver, suggesting a detail-oriented or intricate personality.
PepperIndicates hot spice, apt for a Bengal with a lively or spirited disposition.
PersephoneThe goddess of vegetation and consort of Hades, ideal for a nature-loving feline.
PhoebeAnother name for Artemis, the huntress goddess, is perfect for a curious and adventurous cat.
PiperMeans flute player, perhaps fitting for a musically inclined or harmonious pet.
PoppyNamed after the striking red flower, good for a charming and vibrant cat.
RamonaMeans protecting hands, or in a cat’s case, protecting paws!
RavenNamed after the striking black bird, it is excellent for a charcoal or melanistic Bengal.
RheaSignifies flowing and is the mother of prominent Greek gods.
RosalindTranslates to beautiful rose, for a cat that stands out with beauty.
RosieA cute nickname for Rosalind or Rosemary.
RoxyA shortened version of Roxanne, meaning dawn.
SabineRepresents a Sabine woman, hailing from ancient Italy.
SabrinaDerived from the river Severn, hinting at natural elegance.
SansaNamed after the Queen in the North in Game of Thrones.
SashaA short form of Alexandra, meaning to protect.
SavannahRefers to open plain, possibly reflecting a sense of freedom or adventure.
ScarlettStands for a variety of strong emotions like passion and courage.
ScoutIndicates a lookout or adventurer, suitable for a curious cat.
ShebaTranslates to oath, embodying loyalty or commitment.
SierraNamed after a mountain range, reflecting grandeur.
ThaliaMeans abundant and luxuriant for a cat full of life.
TitaniaImplies of the giants, embodying majesty.
ToriShort for Victoria, meaning victorious.
UrsulaMeans little bear, and is also a famous Disney villain.
ValkyrieOne of the Norse maidens protecting Odin for a brave cat.
VenusRoman name of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.
VerbenaNamed after holy plants, perhaps for a nature-loving cat.
VivetteMeans gift of god, for a truly special feline.
WillowReflects grace and elegance, like the willow tree.
WinnieShort for Winifred, signifying joy and peace.
ZeldaMeans dark battle, apt for a fierce and mysterious Bengal.
ZoeTranslates to life, great for a vibrant and lively cat.
ZoraStands for dawn, possibly reflecting new beginnings or youthful energy.

Male Bengal cat names

AlastairRepresents the defender of the people.
AlvinName means noble friend, also a well-known animated chipmunk.
AbrahamSignifies the father of many in the Bible but also evokes the 16th U.S. president.
AbuAladdin’s cheeky pet monkey in the Disney film.
AcePerfect for a skilled, athletic Bengal means one who excels.
AchillesThe most formidable Greek warrior in the Trojan War.
AdmiralLeader of a naval squadron.
AnubisEgyptian deity governing the afterlife.
ApacheNative American tribes originating in the Southwest.
ApolloGreek deity of sunlight and divination, Artemis’ twin.
AragornRenowned character in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.
AresGreek god governing battles.
AjaxTrojan war hero, also known as Ajax the Great.
AladdinDisney character who transformed from pauper to prince with the help of a genie.
AtlasTitan is burdened with supporting the Earth.
AugustusDenotes majestic, often shortened to Gus.
BabarA charming, fictional elephant from children’s literature.
BacchusRoman deity of wine and farming.
BagheeraThe black panther from The Jungle Book is apt for a dark-furred Bengal.
BaldwinName signifies brave and bold companion.
BearAn endearing title for a lovable pet.
BentleyHigh-end car manufacturer.
BernardMeans courageous like a bear.
CiceroNamed after a Roman orator and statesman.
ConstantineAfter Constantine the Great, a significant Roman emperor.
CooperRefers to a craftsman of barrels.
CosmoDenotes beauty and universal order, also related to the cosmos.
CaesarAfter Julius Caesar, signifies a commanding leader.
CalvinKnown from Bill Waterson’s Calvin and Hobbes and the theologian John Calvin.
CambridgeName refers to locations of famous universities and means bridge over the river Cam.
CaptainDenotes the leader of a maritime vessel.
CharonHades’ ferryman in Greek mythology.
ChaseRepresents a hunter or a huntsman.
ChurchillMost known as the last name of Winston Churchill, means church on a hill.
DanteNamed for Dante Alighieri, means eternal.
DexterSignifies skillful or a cloth dyer.
DomingoSpanish for Sunday.
DrogonDaenerys’s dragon in Game of Thrones.
EdwardTraditional English name, can be shortened to Eddie.
ErosGreek deity of love.
FelixMeaning lucky or successful.
FerdinandConveys adventurous and bold.
FinnAppropriate for a snow Bengal, meaning fair or white.
FlynnMeans ruddy, good for a brown or orange Bengal.
FoxRelates to the animal, suitable for a reddish Bengal.
FraserA Scottish origin name meaning strawberry flowers.
GhostAn apt name for a silver or snow Bengal.
GiuseppeThe Italian version of Joseph.
GizmoA term often associated with gadgets or devices.
GodwinDenotes good friend.
GovernorRefers to a governing authority.
GriffinA mythical creature, part lion and part eagle.
HadesThe Greek god ruled the underworld.
HamiltonNamed after Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of the U.S.
HamletThe tragic hero of Shakespeare’s play.
HarryMeans army leader.
HarveySignifies blazing.
HenryTraditional royal name, meaning head of the household.
HerculesA legendary hero in Greek and Roman mythology.
HobbesInspired by the comic Calvin and Hobbes, also an English philosopher’s name.
JackDerived from John, meaning God is gracious.
JasperSignifies treasurer.
JoeyA diminutive for Joseph.
JupiterRoman counterpart of the Greek god Zeus.
KaiserRefers to the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.
KronosA Titan, the father of Zeus, Hera, and other Olympian gods.
LannisterA noble house in Game of Thrones, known for their lion sigil.
LegolasAn Elven prince from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.
LeoA straightforward name meaning lion.
LokiNorse trickster god, fitting for a mischievous Bengal.
LouisDenotes one renowned in warfare.
LuciferSignifies bringer of dawn or light-giver.
MaximusImplies being the most eminent or largest.
MercuryRoman counterpart to Hermes, the Greek messenger god.
MerlinThe fabled wizard in the court of King Arthur.
MilesSuggests a military man.
MiloThe cinematic feline from The Adventures of Milo and Otis.
MooseNamed after the large forest animal.
MorpheusGreek deity of slumber.
MortimerTranslates to still water, often shortened to Morty.
MowgliLead character from The Jungle Book.
MufasaThe paternal figure in The Lion King.
NapoleonNotable French political and military leader.
NeptuneRoman moniker for Poseidon, the Greek god of oceans.
NeroInfamous Roman emperor.
OceanusTitan in Greek mythology, lord of the sea.
OdysseusRenowned Greek adventurer.
OlafReminiscent of the snowman in Disney’s Frozen.
OliverSymbolizes olive tree.
OnyxRepresents a dark-colored stone, ideal for melanistic Bengals.
OrpheusRevered Greek minstrel and lyricist.
OsirisRuler of the Egyptian netherworld.
OthelloA celebrated Shakespearean tragedy.
OttoIndicates affluence and success.
PascalRelates to Easter or Passover.
PeterDenotes rock or stone.
PhilippeMeans aficionado of horses.
PhoenixA mythical firebird that is reborn from its ashes.
PierceAn alternative for the name Peter.
PlutoAnother name for Hades, the god of the underworld.
PoseidonGreek divinity of the oceans.
PrometheusThe Titan credited with crafting humanity from clay.
QuasimodoProtagonist in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
RaEgyptian sun deity.
RamseySignifies isle of garlic.
RangerImplies a guardian of the woods.
ReginaldIndicates a king or sovereign, often shortened to Reggie.
RexSimply means king.
Richard ParkerA tiger character from Yann Martell’s Life of Pi.
RipleyRepresents a clearing amid the trees.
RomeoLover in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
RufusSignifies red-haired, apt for a reddish Bengal.
SantiagoSpanish for Saint James.
SebastianGreek form of Augustus.
SenatorMember of a governing council.
SergeantA military rank.
ShakespeareNamed after the renowned playwright.
Shere KhanThe villainous tiger in The Jungle Book.
SimbaMeans lion in Swahili and is the lead in The Lion King.
SimonSuggests one who hears.
SmokyIdeal for a charcoal-colored Bengal.
StarkRefers to Tony Stark or the House of Stark.
SushiBecause Bengals have an affinity for fish!
SvenSignifies youthful combatant.
SylvesterThe famous feline from Looney Tunes.
TarzanCharacter nurtured by apes in Disney’s Tarzan.
TaurusTranslates to bull.
TeddyDiminutive of Theodore and also refers to teddy bears.
ThaddeusRepresents valiant heart.
ThorNorse god associated with thunder.
TiggerThe animated tiger companion of Winnie the Pooh.
TigrisNamed for the river adjacent to the Fertile Crescent.
TobiasOften shortened to Toby.
VirgilIndicates thriving, also a famed Roman poet.
WallaceMeans foreigner, often shortened to Wally.
ZephyrusGreek divinity of the west wind, apt for a silver Bengal.
ZeppelinA variety of dirigibles.
ZeusKing of the Olympian gods in Greek mythology.
ZiggySignifies divine gift.

Wild Bengal cat names

LeopardThe Bengal cat bears a striking resemblance to a juvenile leopard.
LeoA fashionable, abbreviated take on leopard.
CheetahEvoking another large feline, the name Cheetah is an adventurous choice for a Bengal.
Wild CatFor those who prefer to keep it straightforward, Wild Cat is a playful alternative.
LynxThe Bengal’s appearance has notable similarities to this medium-sized wild cat.
Tiger (or Tigress)The Bengal is often associated with tigers, making this name particularly apt.
Tiger LilyAn elegant and poetic option for naming your Bengal.
Lion (or Lioness)While not an exact match, the Bengal shares some visual traits with lions.
JungleHonor the Bengal’s ancestral background with this spirited name.
OcelotThe Bengal bears a considerable likeness to the ocelot, a smaller leopard species native to South America.
MargayAnother lookalike is the margay, a small wild cat from Central and South America that is sadly on the brink of becoming endangered. It typically weighs between 6 to 9 pounds.
HunterAll these large felines share a common instinct for hunting. Hunter is a contemporary and engaging name choice for a Bengal cat.


So… I have got a bunch of names for your adorable Bengal feline, and now it’s your turn to select the right one. Choosing a name that shows your Bengal’s traits is tough yet delightful work. Some pet owners gravitate towards names sourced from myth or classic literature, capturing the Bengal’s adventurous and mystical essence.

Options like Ocelot or Margay honor the Bengal’s visual similarity to other exotic, smaller wildcats, amplifying its mysterious and free-spirited nature. No matter the type of name you are looking for, I hope this list of Bengal cat name ideas will allow you to choose the best one for your cute little furry friend.

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