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Snow (White) Bengal Cat: A Comprehensive Guide for Adopting One

A snow Bengal cat is lying down and looking at a toy

Adopting a cat is an exciting journey, but choosing a White Bengal cat takes that thrill to the next level. These majestic felines are a sight to behold, with their striking white coats and beautiful blue eyes. But there’s more to them than just good looks. They have a playful spirit, are highly intelligent, and make wonderful companions.

However, owning a White Bengal isn’t a walk in the park; they need a special kind of care to keep them happy and healthy. Go through this comprehensive guide that aims to arm you with all the knowledge you’ll need to make an informed decision.

Where do the Bengals come from?

Bengal cats have a really interesting backstory that sets them apart from your average house cat. These unique cats have wild roots! Believe it or not, they are descended from the Asian leopard cat, a small wild cat that lives in forests and jungles in Asia. The Bengal cat as we know it today came into being when people started breeding Asian leopard cats with domestic cats, like the American Shorthair.

The idea was to create a cat that had the stunning looks of a wild leopard cat but the friendly nature of a domestic cat. And it worked! The first successful breeding was carried out in the 1960s, but the breed really took off in the late 1980s. Now, Bengal cats are loved for their striking appearance and playful personalities.

Even though Bengals are bred to be domestic pets, they still have a touch of that wild spirit. They’re curious, energetic, and love to explore. But don’t worry, they’re also very affectionate and get along well with people. So, when you adopt a Bengal, you’re bringing a little piece of the wild into your home, but in a way that’s perfect for family life.

What do snow Bengals look like?

A beautiful looking snow Bengal cat sits down

Whether you are looking for a lynx Bengal cat or a cream Bengal cat, all white Bengal cats are eye candies. There are actually three main types of Bengals: Seal Lynx, Seal Mink, and Seal Sepia Bengals.

Let’s break it down a bit.

First up, the Seal Lynx Bengals. These guys are like the snow-white royalty of the Bengal world. They’ve got baby-blue eyes and start out pretty much all white as kittens. As they grow older, they get these cool dark markings and a dark-tipped tail, sort of like they’re wearing a crown.

Next is the Seal Mink variety. These cats are a mix of the Seal Lynx and Seal Sepia types. Their fur is cream-colored, and the contrast between their coat and markings is more distinct. The eye color can vary, too, from stunning blue to warm hazel.

Last but not least, we’ve got the Seal Sepia Bengals. These are the more earth-toned Snow Bengals. Their coats can look like dark cream or even tan, and their eyes are usually green, hazel, or gold. They’re the only Snow Bengals without blue eyes, and sometimes people mistake them for brown Bengals, especially since their coat color can change a bit depending on the season and their own unique genes.

Why do you need a snow Bengal?

Snow Bengals are a real feast for the eyes! Imagine a cat that looks like it just stepped out of a winter wonderland. Their coats are this lovely shade of creamy white, but that’s not all. They also have subtle patterns on their skin, like spots or marbling, that are either a soft gray or a light tan. It’s almost like someone took a paintbrush and gently added some designs to their fur!

Their eyes are another show-stopper. Most Snow Bengals have piercing blue eyes that look like two little sapphires. It’s like they’re always trying to tell you something with just a gaze. These eyes contrast beautifully with their pale fur, making them look even more magical. And guess what? No two Snow Bengals look exactly the same.

That’s right, each one is unique in its own way, kind of like a snowflake. Some may have darker spots, while others might have more of a swirl pattern. But regardless of these small differences, one thing is for sure: Snow Bengals are incredibly striking cats that easily grab attention.

So, if you’re someone who enjoys the extraordinary, a Snow Bengal might be the perfect match for you! These cats aren’t just pets; they’re like a piece of art, bringing a special kind of beauty into your home.

Snow Bengal markings

Alright, if Snow Bengals smite you, get ready to be even more impressed because their markings are something else! They are more than just a pretty face or a lovely coat color. The designs on their skin are like their own unique fingerprint, making each one an original masterpiece.

1. Rosettes

When we talk about Snow Bengals, their rosettes are one of the first things that come to mind. These cool patterns are kind of like the spots you see on leopards, and believe it or not, you won’t find rosettes on any other type of domestic cat. They come in all sorts of styles-paw-print, arrowhead, donut-shaped, clouded, and even clustered.

Each pattern is more beautiful than the last. And here’s a fun fact: Baby Seal Lynx Bengals sometimes don’t even have rosettes at first! But give them some time, and these light, creamy rosettes start appearing and stick around for life.

2. Marbling

Now, if spots aren’t your jam, how about some swirls? Marbled Bengals have these awesome, symmetrical swirls on their back and sides that look like marble patterns. Although they’re less common than rosettes because breeders often go for that classic leopard look, marbling is absolutely stunning. Whether your Snow Bengal has swirls or spots is totally up to you and what you like!

3. Extra touches

All Bengals share a couple of common markings, Snow Bengals included. We’re talking about a striped tail that ends with a darker tip, some cute little spots on their tummies, and stripes down their legs. Their faces have darker markings as well, and some even have what looks like goggles framing their eyes. It adds a dash of cuteness to their regal appearance, and honestly, who could resist that?

So, when you see a Snow Bengal, you’re not just looking at a cat. You’re looking at a living, breathing work of art. From the tips of their striped tails to their creamy, dreamy rosettes or swirls, every inch of an albino Bengal cat is something special to behold.

How much do snow Bengal cats cost, and where do you get one?

A white Bengal cat looking at a toy

If you’ve set your heart on adopting a Snow Bengal cat, it’s important to get ready for some serious investment. Why? Because these feline beauties come with a price tag that reflects their rarity and unique qualities. While a regular Bengal kitten can cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000, Snow Bengals are a different ball game. These snowy wonders usually start at around $2,000 and can go all the way up to $4,000!

Now, you might be wondering why is there a price difference. Well, it all comes down to a bunch of factors. First off, Snow Bengals are less common, so the demand for them is usually higher. Second, the cost can also depend on the cat’s age, its generation from the wild (also known as its ‘filial’ generation), and even its unique genetic makeup. That’s right, the specific coat pattern and shade can make one Snow Bengal pricier than another.

If you’re looking into the different types of Snow Bengals, keep in mind that the Seal Mink variety tends to be the most expensive. Why? Because they’re the rarest among the Snow Bengals. Seal Mink Bengals come with that high-contrast, cream-colored coat and captivating blue or hazel eyes, making them extra special.

Depending on where you live and your budget, you’ve got several options to bring one of these beauties home. Major cities usually have reputable breeders, and if you’re open to a road trip, even better! Some top-notch Snow Bengal catteries in the U.S. are Wild ‘n Sweet Bengals, Amazon Bengals, and Quality Bengal Kittens.

But remember, always do your homework. Run a thorough background check on the breeder and make sure you know all the health issues of the kitten you’re eyeing. These unique cats will surely fill your home with joy and energy!

5 Snow Bengal Traits You Need to Know

So you’re head over heels for Snow Bengals? Who can blame you? These cats are the whole package-looks, personality, and a dash of that wild spirit. But before you rush off to get one, there are some key traits you’ve got to know about.

1. Super Social

First up, Snow Bengals are like the life of the party. They love being around people. We’re talking about a cat that’ll happily greet you at the door, follow you around, and probably want to join in whatever you’re doing. They’re far from those aloof, lone-wolf types of cats.

2. High energy level

Alright, maybe not exactly over 9000, but they’re certainly active. Imagine a mini-tornado zipping around your home that’s a Snow Bengal for you! They love playtime, whether it’s a game of fetch or just running around like they’ve had ten cups of coffee. Be prepared to keep them entertained!

3. Smartypants

Don’t underestimate the brains of these kitties. They’re quick learners and super curious. Some Snow Bengals can even figure out how to open doors. Yep, you heard that right! So, if you like a cat with a bit of a problem-solving streak, Snow Bengals are a win-win.

4. They talk… a lot

Snow Bengals aren’t the strong, silent type. They have a lot to say, and they’re not shy about saying it. They’ll meow, chirp, and even hold entire conversations with you. It’s like they always have some important kitty news to share.

5. Pretty but high-maintenance

Okay, so they’re gorgeous; we get it. But that lovely coat needs some TLC (tender loving care, for those who are wondering). You’ll need to groom them regularly to keep them looking their picture-perfect best.

So, there you have it, folks! Five things you absolutely need to know about Snow Bengals. Keep these in mind, and you’ll not only understand your new furry friend better but also form a bond that’s as special as they are.

Owning a snow Bengal is more than having just a cat…..

1. Food’s a big deal

First off, these fluffballs NEED meat. They’re obligate carnivores, so forget about vegan diets for this one. You could even go raw with their diet, but if that’s not your jam, high-quality cat food works, too. Also, don’t just switch up their food all of a sudden-ease them into it, or else you’re asking for a tummy ache.

2. Keep the water flowing

You might have noticed, but Snow Bengals are fancy-they prefer running water to water still. So, get them a cute little water fountain, not just for the class but also to make sure they drink enough.

3. Vet trips

Don’t skimp on vet visits. If you’re planning on outdoor adventures with your Snow Bengal, vaccinations are a must. And don’t forget the usual flea and tick protection.

4. Let’s get busy

Boredom is a Snow Bengal’s worst enemy. They’ll start playing with whatever they find, like your phone charger or your favorite pair of shoes. Keep them entertained with toys, or better yet, get them a buddy. Some folks even adopt siblings, so the cats keep each other busy. Best decision ever!

5. Love ‘em up

Snow Bengals might seem a little standoffish at first, but trust me, they’re softies deep down. They need love and affection, just like us. Whether it’s playtime with toys or good old-fashioned tummy rubs, make sure they feel loved and secure.

So, that’s the lowdown. These cats are a bit high-maintenance, but the best things in life usually are, right?

Wrapping up

From their unique looks to their quirky personalities, owning a cream Bengal cat isn’t just about showing off an exotic-looking feline friend; it’s about being a responsible and caring pet parent. These cats have special needs, be it their diet or their thirst for entertainment, and they require a loving home that can provide for them. The price tag for Snow Bengals might be a bit steep, but the joy and companionship they bring into your home make it all worthwhile.

Whether you’re eyeing the captivating seal lynx, the distinctive seal mink, or the uniquely dark cream seal sepia, each Snow Bengal comes with its own charm and set of challenges. If you think you’re up for the adventure, go ahead and take the leap. Your life is sure to be enriched in more ways than you can imagine.

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