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17 Best Fun Cat Toys for Bored Indoor Cats

Kitten playful with toys

If you are looking for some of the best funny cat toys for indoor cats to beat their boredom, this list might be a big help for you.

Why do indoor cats get bored?

Cats are usually lively creatures that need constant excitement to be happy. They are always running, jumping, scratching, and climbing (when not sleeping). Cats are originally wild creatures with a big tendency to hunt and live an exciting life. Even pet cats have a secret “gangster” life full of adventures and excitement. It’s their natural instinct to enjoy climbing, scratching, hunting, being playful, and all.

Even running and hiding from potential predators and fighting with other cats over territory and food keep their spirit up; and when they don’t get to do these things, they get bored. If you have an indoor cat and you are noticing that she is losing her natural charm, spending most of the time sleeping and not responding to you as she should, maybe your cat is bored being an indoor cat, living a life without excitement and adventure and needs some of that in her life.

The importance of toys for a cat: Happiness and safety

No matter for how long cats have left their wild days, being a free creature of nature is still at the core of their DNA, and they NEED to experience the taste of that free life every once in a while, or they might lose their natural spirit.

Now, it’s normal for cat owners to have concern for their cat’s safety, as the outside world poses various threats for their beloved pet. The streets are always running with cars, the neighborhood has more dogs than you can count, and sometimes people can also hurt them for many reasons.

However, it’s quite cruel to keep a cat indoors all the time and not letting her have her adventures, which can result in boredom and depression. So, what can you do? How can you keep your cat inside your home and still keep him happy? – One of the best ways you can keep your cat excited and happy is that allowing it to engage in its favorite activities and adventures right inside the walls!

They can have all the adventures and excitements, and be safe from the dangers of the outside world. In order to do that, introduce your cat to some fun toys they can play with and go back to her “wild self”. She will enjoy all the exciting fun activities she instinctively likes, and you can leave her inside knowing your cat will be happy and excited. There are some other benefits of giving your cat fun toys to play with. The following includes some of them.

Take a look at the following list of fun cat products that can make your bored cat no longer bored.

17 fun cat toys for bored indoor cats:

1. Ontel Flippity Fish Cat Toy

Ontel Flippity Fish Cat Toy

Make your cat freak out in a good way! This fish toy wiggles and flops like a real fish, and it looks like one too! Just turn it on and let your cat get excited about her new toy! It also includes a fishing pole and catnip, so that you can take part in the play and have fun with your furry friend if you feel like it!

This interesting toy has a built-in motion sensor that will allow the fish to make an abrupt move when your cat touches it. This feature will get your cat excited just like a real fish, which will make her enjoy playing with it even more! The moving fish will stimulate your cat into fun physical exercise and interactive play, which will minimize stress and annoying behavior.

The fish is made with totally non-toxic materials and it’s highly durable so that your cat can play with it as she pleases. The product has a good battery that lasts for a long time and you can easily charge through a USB.


  • Looks and acts like real fish. Very appealing to the cats.
  • Motion censor makes it exciting.
  • Made with non-toxic material
  • Durable
  • Comes with fishing pole and catnip for fun playtime!


  • A bit noisy
  • Little kittens may take time to figure out the fun

2. Adoric Wheeled and Remote-Controlled Feathered Interactive Cat Toy:

Adoric Wheeled and Remote-Controlled Feathered Interactive Cat Toy

A real fun toy for your indoor cat to beat boredom and have a delightful time with a very interesting toy! If you see your cat is bored, just turn the toy on and put it in front of her, and see the magic! If you are looking for a fun moving cat toy that your furry friend will enjoy the big time, you should try this incredible interactive toy! It comes with an auto and remote-control mode. It can move on its own for 30 minutes straight and you can take part in the game controlling it with the remote control.

This fun cat toy for indoor cats comes with two wheels that can move forward, back, and rotate 360°. The tires are anti-collision backed by a powerful motor that allows it to smoothly run through almost all kinds of grounds be it tiles, wood, or carpet floor. It also features changing RGB LED lights and six colorful feathers. The feathers have sweet-sounding bells that will attract her attention and trigger the hunting instinct.

Your cat will be active and have a lot of delight playing with it. The toy has a huge USB-Charged battery that will allow it to run for 2.5 hours! The strong build quality makes it durable against a cat’s bites and scratches, and it will serve you and your cat for a long time. It’s completely safe for your cat to lick and smell, thanks to the high-quality PC and ABS material. If you are looking for an interactive toy that your pet and you can have some real fun with, this one might be a great choice.


  • Built-n interactive program for automatic run.
  • Forward, backward, and 360° movement.
  • Remote control for fun playtime.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Durable
  • High-quality PC & ABS material, safe to smell and lick.


  • Auto mode is limited to 30 minutes.
  • A bit high-priced.

3. PetSafe Dancing Dot – Interactive Laser Cat Toy:

PetSafe Dancing Dot

If you are looking for an interactive laser toy for your beloved pet that will entertain her for a long time, then the Petsafe Dancing Dot might be a great choice for you. This toy has a Certified Class-1 laser light that is totally safe for your pet feline to have fun with!

It will inspire your cat to chase the light and try to catch it with delight. This fun laser toy comes with two modes: One-Time-Play, and Play-All-Day. The One-Time-Play mode will auto stop after a few minutes, and the Play-All-Day mode will keep the machine on until you manually turn it off.

The second mode can keep your cat from getting bored when you are not home. You can place the toy on a table, floor, and you can hang it from a hook on the wall or a doorknob. This also features a “Rest Mode” which will stop the laser movement in regular intervals to prevent your kitty from getting over-stimulated and also keep the excitement alive!


  • Interactive laser cat toy to stimulate your cat.
  • Two different modes for short and long sessions.
  • Great for going outside and keep your cat entertained at home.
  • Certified Class-1 Laser to keep your pet’s eyes safe.
  • Set on floor, table, or hang from doorknob or hook.


  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries which you need to buy separately.
  • Cat might get tired if plays for a long time.

4. Cat’s Meow- Motorized Mouse Wand:

Cat’s Meow- Motorized Mouse Wand

See your lazy cat turn into a crazy cat! Trigger his/her natural hunting instinct with a fantastic stimulating toy that will make your kitten go crazy! No matter you have a kitten or a senior cat, this motorized wand will instantly make them get on their feet and start chasing the wand and have fun! Your cat will think there’s a mouse under the cover and try her best to catch it.

This fun cat toy is built in such a way that will attract your cat’s attention with the push of a button! Watch your pet go in hunting mode in a blink! This toy is capable of changing direction when least expected, which will keep the game exciting. Also, there are 3 different speed modes, which will prevent your cat from getting bored. It will keep your cat from scratching and clawing your furniture, carpet, and, of course, you!


  • Automatic cat toy to keep her excited.
  • Unexpectedly changes direction to keep the game fun.
  • 3 Different speed modes.
  • Great exercise for kittens or lazy cats.
  • 30-minute auto stop mode.
  • Triggers cat’s curiosity and natural instinct to chase and hunt.


  • A bit pricy.

5. Petstages Tower of Tracks:

Petstages Tower of Tracks

This is a great toy to stimulate your cat’s senses and it will satisfy her natural hunting instincts with a delightful moving puzzle! Whether you have one of the multiple cats, a single piece of this cat toy is enough to keep them entertained. This interesting cat toy comes with four levels of ball rolling delight for cats of all ages! The exercise and entertaining device will keep your felines happy and healthy and keep them from inappropriate behavior with the stimulating puzzle game!

It can entertain multiple cats at once, therefore, they can stay and have fun in one place. The toy is designed in the right measurement for cats to engage in a delightful game without getting their paws stuck. The non-slip base will hold the toy in its place and allow your cats to enjoy an energetic game.


  • Designed for single and multiple cats to have fun at once.
  • No battery or charging needed.
  • Fun to watch them play with it.
  • Safe design to keep your felines from harming themselves.


  • Plastic made: Might break if dropped from high.

6. PETMAKER Interactive Rocking Activity Mat- Swing Playing Station with Sisal Scratching Area:

PETMAKER Interactive Rocking Activity Mat

If you are looking for a multi-functional cat entertainment tool, then this one might be a great choice. This amazingly fun cat toy has an interactive design that is delightful for cats of all ages. It’s a three-in-one cat entertainment device that features a tube with a rolling ball, a hanging toy, and a fun rocking base. If you’d like a cat toy that stimulates your pet’s natural instincts and provide them with fun self-entertainment, this one is for you.

If you often stay away from your home, this toy will keep your feline(s) entertained. It will encourage them in physical play as well as give mental stimulation via appealing their hunting instincts!

It will keep your furniture and carpet from your cat’s nails as the mat features a scratching area providing a perfect passage for them to enjoy scratching while having fun with the toy. The scratching area is made of sisal materials, to make it durable as well as safe for your feline friend.

The toy is made from durable plastic, capable of sustaining a forceful cat attack to catch the dangling toy or the rolling ball. Even multiple cats together will hardly do any damage to the material.

This will keep your beloved pet entertained for hours without getting bored.


  • Multi-functional cat toy with 3 different playing options.
  • Non-electric interactive toy.
  • Separate scratching surface.
  • Built with durable materials.
  • Multiple cats can play at once.


  • A bit pricy.
  • Might be a little complex to put together (you have to do it once!).

7. Catit Senses – Digger Interactive Cat Toy:

Catit Senses – Digger Interactive Cat Toy

If you’d like a fun cat toy that helps your cat with healthy eating, then you might like this one. This unique cat toy has been created to help greedy over-eating cats to eat at a slower, healthier speed. Make every meal or treat time fun for your lovely pet by serving them treats or dry food.

This toy plus food bowl will make them solve fun puzzles every time they eat, and it will activate your feline’s senses stimulating her to use her sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch. Make every activity fun for your bored indoor cat with this fun toy + feeding bowl so that your cat has a great time even when eating.

Put dry kibbles or treats in the tubes and your cat will have to use her paws and brain to bring the food out and enjoy it. This will put a challenge in front of them, which will activate their natural instincts and make them work for their food. This activity will keep your cat excited about eating and it will potentially have good impacts on their physical mental health.

The Catit Senses – Digger Interactive Cat Toy and Feeding Bowl is really easy to disassemble and maintain. You can easily remove the tubes to clean. The rubber mat base makes sure it stays in place and cats don’t turn it over.


  • Two in one feature: Cat Puzzle and Feeding Bowl.
  • Entertains cats while eating.
  • Stimulates natural pawing behavior.
  • Helps improve cat’s eating behavior.


  • Might irritate an overly-hungry cat.

8. Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed& Toy:

Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed& Toy

Let your cats enjoy exciting playtime right where they sleep! The Kitty City cat tunnel bed & play center allows your cat to enjoy a comfortable bed and an entertaining tunnel featuring dangling toys to have amazing fun and nap. This one is a perfect product for the playful felines who like to be out of sight. You can zip the two parts together and create a tunnel with a cozy bed in the middle, great for cats to keep playing and snoozing all day!

Fun dangling toys are hanging from the door to swat at and you can zip together the two tunnels to give different shapes. If you have multiple cats, they can have fun together in the tunnel.


  • Cat bed and tunnel come together.
  • Easy to collapse down for travel.
  • Great for multiple cats.
  • Helps cats to indulge their playful nature.
  • You can give it different shapes.
  • Made with strong, durable material.
  • Easy to wash and clean.


  • A bit pricy.

9. Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post:

Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post

Let your cat climb, scratch, relax and play with hanging toys with this multi-purpose cat toy and condo. Made with safe, natural jute fiber, this product features a raised-up hammock with two scratching post pillars. Your pet feline can scratch the posts all day long to keep her nails healthy and she can have fun climbing the high pillars and relax on the soft, comfortable hammock. The dangling toy can allow her to have fun indulging her natural hunting instincts and keep herself busy.

This fun cat toy will keep your pet from scratching and damaging your carpet, furniture, and curtains, which is a plus. The natural materials make sure your cat’s health remains in good condition no matter how much she scratches and bites it. She can also fall asleep on the condo when gets tired of playing.


  • A fine playing and resting tool for indoor cats.
  • Made of natural jute materials to keep your cat’s health in good condition.
  • Comes with easily changeable hanging toy.
  • Great for both older felines as well as kittens.


  • A bit pricy.

10. SmartyKat, Birthday Bash Cat Toy Bundle:

SmartyKat, Birthday Bash Cat Toy Bundle

This bundle features some really cute toys for your bored indoor cat and kitten. Your pet felines will get really excited to see the cute shaped toys and love to bat, swat, and chase. These toys will stimulate your pet’s hunting nature and you can toss these around to trigger their pouncing tendency.

Every item in this collection is made of safe material free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Your cat can bite the toys as much as s/he wants without any risk. These toys are perfect for solo, interactive playtimes and you can throw the toys around to have fun with your kittens. Every item in this package looks really cute and attracts cats of all ages.


  • A number of cute toys in one collection.
  • Great for both cats and kittens.
  • Made of safe materials, good for biting.
  • Soft, yet durable.
  • Mouse shaped toys to stimulate hunting instincts.
  • You can take part in the game.


  • Over enthusiastic cats might end up tearing the toys.

11. SmartyKat, Interactive Cat Toy

SmartyKat, Interactive Cat Toy

A fun scratching outlet with a dangling toy for your cat to have fun with. The SisalCarpet Chaise will provide your beloved pet with a fun scratching surface where she can play and also rest. The dangling feather toy will provide your feline with hours of fun. It will bring out her playful nature and you can leave your furry friend home with a fun toy if you have this one.

This interactive cat toy looks nice enough to go with your other furniture, and the natural, non-chemical material ensures your cat’s safety. If you are looking for a simple and delightful toy for your furry friend, this might be a nice choice.


  • Simple and fun.
  • Cats can both play and rest on it.
  • Made with non-chemical materials.
  • Dangling toy can provide hours of fun.


  • The dangling toy can be ruined if the feline is too fierce.

12. Cute Electronic Motion Mouse

Cute Electronic Motion Mouse

If you are looking for a fun and stimulating cat toy that brings out your furry pet’s hunting instincts, then this bumper mouse can be a great fun toy for your feline! Cats chase the mouse, that’s a known fact, and this toy will make your cat think that he’s chasing a real mouse! It has a quick erratic movement, perfect for triggering your pet’s natural instinct to chase and leap its prey.

Just turn it on and leave it on the floor to see your sleepy cat go crazy! This electrical mouse can move in all directions and is capable of turning around whenever it faces an obstacle like a wall or furniture. Keep your cat busy chasing its favorite prey while having a lot of fun and physical action crucial for good health.


  • Mouse-shaped toy to stimulate hunting instinct.
  • Fast and active, capable of360° movement and turning around when faced with obstacles.
  • Help promote exercise leading to good health and well-being.
  • Design meets all applicable safety standards.


  • Not chargeable through USB, you need to buy batteries.

13. Fun Wiggle Pickle Cat Toy

Fun Wiggle Pickle Cat Toy

It’s a pickle that is alive! It wiggles, flips, flops, and makes noises! It has a built-in motion sensor that activates whenever touched by a playful feline, tempting your furry friend to paw and play! The fun design and lively colors easily your cat’s curiosity and the movements entice her to have fun! It’s a stimulating cat toy that helps your pet to overcome boredom and enjoy healthy exercise. It allows your cat to spend her energy on something fun and productive and keeps away bad behaviors.

The toy contains 100% pure, natural, premium potent catnip to excite your cat and get moving! The flipping flopping pickle is made of soft and durable plush materials that are safe and comfortable. You can easily charge it with a USB cable.


  • Automated toy to keep your pet busy.
  • Made with durable and safe materials.
  • Long-lasting battery for long-time fun.
  • Great for cats to overcome boredom.
  • Nice to watch pets playing with it.


  • Plastic machine inside, which might break if fallen from high places.

14. The Moody PetString-Flinging Cat Toy

The Moody PetString-Flinging Cat Toy

Cats love to chase and play with strings. If you put a normal string in front of a cat and move it, you will see her instantly stimulated to play with it. With this string toy, you don’t have to be a part of the game as this is an automatic string-flinging toy that allows nonstop entertainment for your furry pet. This particular one is a multi-award-winning toy including the Cat Fancy Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award.

Put it anywhere in your home and watch your beloved feline go crazy with the fun string. The string is quick and able to change the direction unexpectedly to keep the game exciting. This extremely fun cat toy requires no assembly, and it’s suitable for cats of all ages be it kittens or full-grown cats. Moody Pet offers FREE replacement parts for the life of the toy.


  • Stimulates the feline instinct of chasing strings.
  • Automatically moves in different directions to keep the game fun.
  • Great for leaving home and keep your cat having fun at home.
  • Free parts replacement.
  • Great for activating lazy and senior cats.


A bit pricy.

15. Hide and Seek Treat Puzzle

Hide and Seek Treat Puzzle

This treat puzzle will challenge your cat to “work for her treats” and stimulate mental and physical activities. Keep your furry pet playing and having fun for a long time. Unlike humans, cats use their acute sense of smell to navigate their world. While we mostly use vision to gather information, solve problems and hunt resources, felines also make use of their smelling power to do these things, which makes this Hide and Seek Treat Puzzle very appealing to them.

You can allow them to have fun and indulge their natural hunting instincts with this delightful toy. It comes with 16 hidden treat compartments that will keep her occupied and it will help your kitty to eat at a healthy pace. This product is made of safe materials without any PVC or BPA to make sure your kitty’s health remains good.


  • Fun 16-compartment treat puzzle to keep your cat occupied.
  • Helps to eat at a safe pace.
  • Promotes physical and mental exercise.
  • Made with food-safe materials.
  • Non-removable parts for easy cleaning.


Use only for treats; hungry felines might get annoyed.

16. Fun Super Roller Circuit Toy for Cats

Fun Super Roller Circuit Toy for Cats

If you’d like your kitty to go crazy with a super-stimulating cat toy then this one might be a great choice for you. Take the fun to a whole new level with the Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit. This is a large 8-part circuit toy with sporadic high and low sections featuring an alluring motion-activated illuminated rolling ball that will stimulate your pet to pursue and swipe at it.

The rollercoaster-like design will make the illuminated ball propel around inside the circuit at a high speed, and entice your furry friend to go curious and chase the ball. The hefty opening along the circuit will allow the snoopy kitties to access and touch the ball. This will activate your pet’s natural hunting instincts and involve you in much-needed physical activities. Watch your beloved cat go crazy with a new, stimulating toy while you go about your business with a smile on your face.


  • Gets cats curious and activates their natural instincts.
  • Safe design to prevent accidents.
  • A real fun toy to leave your kitty at home with.
  • Large enough for multiple cats to have fun with.
  • Alternating high and low sections with roller coaster effect.
  • Reasonable price.


  • A bit complex to install; follow the instructions carefully.
  • Might slip a bit on non-carpeted floors.

17. PETMAKER Cat Activity Center- Interactive Play Area Station

PETMAKER Cat Activity Center

This delightful cat play area station offers fun to play and comfort for your beloved family pet. The interactive design will entice your furry friend to paw and bite4 different hanging toys while relaxing on a cozy mat. It is ideal for felines of all ages, and it’s a great source for self-entertainment. Even if you have multiple cats or kittens, this comfortable entertainment center will delight them at once.

This fun and comfortable entertainment station will allow your furry friend to have hours of active delight and inspire physical exercise through stimulating their natural instincts to catch hanging things. They can nuzzle up after a long playtime right on the soft and worm surface. It can also be used as a comfortable bed for a short nap or a long sleep!


  • A great activity station for cats and kittens.
  • Stimulates physical activity.
  • Made from cozy fleece material for comfortable rest.
  • Four different hanging toys to keep the game exciting.
  • Large enough for multiple kitties to have fun together.
  • Highly durable.
  • Lite and easily foldable.


  • Excessive scratching might harm the material.

Some key benefits of cat toys:

4 Key Benefits of Cat Toys

Spend fun times with your cat:

Cat toys will allow you to spend some real quality time with your beloved pet. Take part in fun and playful activities with your feline friend using the fun toys. If you had a rough day and looking for some fun activities to refresh your mind, playing with your cat or simply watching it playing with a toy should make you feel better.

Keep them busy when you are working:

If you are working on a project or assignment or simply doing some household chores and your cat keeps getting in the way, you can simply keep her busy with a fun toy. It will keep it having fun and you can do your work without having to deal with the playful creature at the moment.

Create a greater bond with your pet:

Taking part in fun games with your cat will bring you closer to each other. Playing together will allow you to have fun together and your feline pet will enjoy your company more than normal. You will become better friends and it will make your bonding stronger than ever.

Better health for your cat:

The fun games played with the toys will keep your cat active and agile. Like humans, exercise also helps cats to develop better health. It will increase its appetite, ensure deeper sleep, strengthen its body, keep its mind happy. All these things will allow your cat to have better health and potentially a great immune system.

Give your indoor cat some fun toys to play and it will rarely be boring. She will be happier and healthier, and you will create a better bond with your beloved furry friend.

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