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Are Sweets Bad for Cats? Should You Feed Them Sweets or Not?

Cat is trying to catch sweet cake.

Sweets are not good for cats. Yes, they aren’t in most cases. You can’t really buy chocolate for your feline to treat it. And even if you do, your cat can’t taste the sweet just the way you do. You are not going to find any good reason to feed sugary foods to your furry friends. So, what’s the reason behind feeding sweets to cats? None, there are no reasons and you should stop feeding sweets to them.

Lots of domestic cats suffer from obesity. Sugar or sweet foods can be another reason to make them even fatter. Moreover, cats are prone to diabetes, and tooth decay and sugar accelerate the process. Before offering any sweet food to your felines, consider the facts and help them live the healthiest lives.

Cats are obligate carnivores so their first diet should be meat and fish. We also can feed a small number of carbohydrates to our feline friends. But table sugar and other sweeteners are not very cat-friendly. Cats can’t even digest sugar that effectively. Many times, after eating sweets, your cats can start vomiting and feel discomfort.

In short, sugar is not toxic but isn’t good either for your cats.

What types of sweets are toxic to felines?

Different types of chocolate on a plate

Though sugar itself can be less harmful to cats, many other types of sweets can be toxic.

Have a look below:

Xylitol and other artificial sweeteners: Xylitol is mostly found in sugar-free gums and mints. But there are also foods like drinks and candies that can contain xylitol. This is a sweetener that can give your cat an upset stomach. It may also cause liver damage if you continue feeding such artificial sweeteners to your felines.

Chocolate: The darker the chocolate is, the more dangerous it is for cats. Chocolate ingestion can be the reason for stomach upset, seizures, muscle tremors, and arrhythmias. If severe, it can even kill your cats. So, don’t try to feed dark chocolates to your kitties.

Raisins and grapes: Fruits like grapes and dried raisins can cause kidney failure in cats.

Caffeine: Caffeine causes the same effect the chocolate causes. To keep your pet healthy and out of severe health issues, keep them away from caffeine.

Cats can’t taste sugar or sweet things. There are different areas on the tongue that control different tastes like sweet, sour, spice, etc. When it comes to felines, they don’t have the taste bud to detect sugar. That doesn’t mean you can feed sweet things to your cats.

Cats basically don’t need sweets in their diets. Breaking down the sugar can be exhausting for them. And they also don’t have enough insulin-like humans to handle a disease like diabetes.

What can you feed your cats instead of sweet?

If you have a cat, you already know how much they like treats. You feed them and after a few moments, you will find them in front of their plate! That is not the time you feed them, sweets. You can give them only a handful of savory treats.

Their favorite treat: Eventually, you will know what they like. When it is time to treat them, just give them a piece of their favorite treat.

Meat: You can always feed a small piece of chicken or turkey. Boil the meat and without adding any spices, feed it to your cats.

Regular cat food: If you think, getting other things is tough for you, just treat them with their regular meal.

Having a cat is amazing in every way. They play with you, cuddle with you and they have the power to get you out of a state of depression or anxiety. So, when it comes to treating them, you can’t just give anything. It is your duty to feed them the foods that do wonder for them.

There are a lot of cat foods available in the market and you can select one according to your kitty’s need and taste. Stay away from sugary foods and treat them to a proper meal.

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